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Fall Vaccines and Specials















Equine Vaccines


This is a reminder that your horse’s fall vaccines and fecal are coming due.  For fall vaccines we recommend Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis (EHV-1/4), as well as rabies (which is a recommended vaccine by the AAEP).

Once again, Wasatch Veterinary Large Animal is offering our fall special package, which includes Rhino/Flu vaccine, a rabies vaccine, a dental exam and a fecal (to determine parasite burden and help plan for deworming needs) for $79 a horse (plus farm call).  If you would prefer not to do the rabies vaccine, the cost will be $64.  If we have recommended a dental for your horse, please schedule this with your fall vaccinations and we will discount your total invoice by $10.
Other fall specials are:
Annual bloodwork (CBC/Chem/fibrinogen) and  an EIA test (Coggins) for $150.00 (a savings of $20).  This provides a great baseline for your horses.
Equine metabolic panel (ACTH/Insulin/leptin/T4/blood glucose), recommended for horses over 15 years, to test for metabolic disease, PPID (Cushings) and thyroid disease.  Cost $195 (a savings of $13)
Farrier radiographs for $136.50 (a savings of $10), in combination with your fall vaccines.  These offer an incredible amount of information for your farrier.  We will send you, and your farrier, a copy of these baseline radiographs that can be used to assist in determining there are no underlying problems and to keep for future reference.  

We are also offering both our equine annual Wellness package and our senior equine Wellness package.   The equine package will be $699.00 (a saving of over $200) and the senior equine Wellness package will be $875.00 (a saving of over $225).  Both packages include:
2 farm calls; 2 physical exams and weight check; 2 dental exams; 2 fecal parasite tests and, if necessary, deworming; Spring vaccines – EWT, Rhino, Influenza, West Nile Virus (Prestige VI); Fall vaccines – Rhino, Influenza, Rabies; annual dental float including sedation; annual hoof radiographs (spring or fall); Sheath cleaning (spring or fall); Coggins test (annual); Equine early detection bloodwork (annual).  The senior equine package also includes the metabolic panel (ACTH/Insulin/leptin/T4/blood glucose), which will be run in the fall.

We are excited to add chiropractic to the modalities that we offer and Dr Tracy is also licensed in acupuncture.  These can be done together or separately and can be an excellent add on for any of your animals whether or not they are performance animals.

Call to schedule your appointment today with Wasatch Veterinary Large Animal.  If you would like to join with your neighbors and share a farm call, just let us know when you schedule your appointment.

Dr. Tracy Wright   







Goats/Sheep/Alpaca Fall Vaccines


This is a reminder that your goats/sheep/alpaca fall vaccines are due.  We recommend that they receive a CD+T vaccine annually (either spring or fall) and fecals every 6 months to determine parasite burden.  It is recommended to vaccinate pregnant does/ewes/alpacas 4 weeks prior to parturition and to vaccinate offspring at 4-6 weeks of age followed by a booster one month later.
We are now able to offer ultrasound to determine if your goats/sheep/alpacas are pregnant.  This is important for ensuring correct nutrition during the late stages of pregnancy and minimizing the risk of pregnancy toxemia.  If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We also offer blood testing for pregnancy confirmation (ruminants only).
Other blood tests that are useful for your small ruminant herds are CAE, Johne’s disease, OPP and caseous lymphadenitis blood screens.  These are useful for having closed, disease free herds.  We can draw the blood for these during fall vaccines if you are interested.
We hope you have been able to have had an enjoyable and safe summer with your animals.  Thank you for making Wasatch Veterinary Large Animal a part of your family’s health care.
Dr. Tracy Wright   



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